A Running Podcast, for Runners by Runners.

Nic & Davey take a deep dive into the world of running and explores the every day trials and tribulations that runners face in their pursuit of personal best times and running highs!

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If you love the work we are doing and the impact that Making a Runner has had on the running community then why not become an official MAR FAN!Although this started purely a passion project we have had to become realistic about the time and cost of running a successful podcast - that is why we've decided to set up a Patreon Membership where FANS can make a pledge to support our work and help us further expand our reach into the greater global running community.If you're not in the position to commit to something like this just yet, that's okay, we appreciate each and every listen and owe all our success to you.If you're taking the pledge, you can officially call yourself our biggest FAN!We thank you in advance.The MAR Team

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